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All Pets Go To Heaven

Would like to be there for you and your pets peaceful final moments.

What We Offer:


Our services are provided to North Dallas, TX. 
We want to provide the most peaceful passing for your pet at the comfort of their home.
All Pets Go To Heaven offers three different services for after care including an at-home burial by the family, communal cremation and private cremation.  

Our final arrangements include:


 Clay paw prints completed by the crematorium staff


Courtesy hair clippings during euthanasia (if requested)


Death certificate


Courtesy call to your primary veterinarian


Remains pick up with transportation to the crematorium. Services include communal cremation (no ashes).
(If deceased at home or euthanized at a clinic. 

A complimentary travel sized urn for your pets ashes (euthanasia service with private cremation)

Each session is by appointment.
If you do not see a time/date slot that matches your needs give us a call 956-792-2748        954-629-3153

or send us an email at

We will try our best to accommodate you and your family.

If you are an hour away from North Dallas there is an additional $150 traveling fee.
Please contact us first if you are out of North Dallas area prior to booking. 


Your Veterinarians

We are Dr. Brian Thomas and Dr. Ruby Navarro. We have been practicing veterinarians for 6+ years.

At times our jobs can be emotionally heavy, however our outlook is to focus on preventing suffering to pets. We want to bring peace and reassurance to you for your pet. Many of our senior pets suffer from chronic diseases such as joint issues, slowly growing tumors, organ failure, endocrine diseases and much more. Sadly, some things are just not treatable, and the kindest thing is to prevent prolonged pain and suffering for our pets.


Our goal is for every euthanasia to be painless, peaceful, and memorable.

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